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Filter Plates

Filter Plates Are Used Along with Filter Press Machine. Our Offered Filter Plates Are Developed Using High Quality Polymer, Stainless Steel or Cast Iron. Filter Plates Are of Different Types Like Recessed Plate, Plate & Frame Type, Membrane Type in Different Shapes with the Aid of Our Sophisticated Infrastructure Facilities Under the Professionals, These Products Find Their Applications in Many Areas.

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Available Filter Plates Sizes:

  • 300mm X 300mm
  • 470mm X 470mm
  • 600mm X 600mm
  • 750mm X 750mm
  • 800mm X 800mm
  • 915mm X 915mm
  • 1000mm X 1000mm
  • 1060mm X 1060mm
  • 1200mm X 1200mm
  • 1500mm X 1500mm
  • 600mm Diameter
  • 800mm Diameter

Filter Cloths:

Available in Polypropylene, Polyester and Other Special Requirements


  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Processing
  • Ceramics
  • Food Processing
  • Edible Oil Industry
  • Sugar Industry