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Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender meet the toughest standards for quality and long-term performance.
Ribbon Blender is a very fast and 100% efficient mixer to blend practically any dry powders, from food products to chemicals. Even liquids in small amount can be mixed in a very efficient way.

Ribbon blenders consist of U shaped horizontal trough and specially fabricated ribbon agitator.

Ribbon agitator is formed of a set of inner and outer blades mounted on a solid shaft. The outer blades move the material in one direction while the inner blades move the material in exactly opposite direction.

Ribbon blender is carefully designed to ensure through mixing with required coefficient of variation.

Discharge gate can be manual or pneumatically operated for direct filling of bags or for dumping in to storage bin.

Ribbon Blender can be constructed in Mild Steel (MS) or Stainless steel (SS) depending upon the material to be blended.

Ribbon Blender normally operates between 20 rpm to 40 rpm depending upon the material characteristics and mixing time required. Motor rpm is normally 1500 and reduction is done through set of spur gears or through gearbox.

Fluid coupling can be also used as an optional item. They are useful to start the mixer on load in case of sudden electricity failure.

Ribbon Blender are available in various capacities according to the customer’s individual requirement.

Ribbon Blender available in working capacity of 5 Liters to 20,000 Liters

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