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Ball Mill Machine

Delite Ball Mills are specially designed for wet grinding of ceramic clays and glaze frits; it may be utilized for many other applications in the grinding and industrial refining of numerous products. They are made with very thick sheet steel, electrically welded and carefully finished. They have a cylindrical shape and flat bottoms reinforced with a row of ribs. The rotation axles, firmly connected to the bottoms and perfectly aligned, are supported by large-size self-aligning roller bearings.

The cylinders are equipped with openings for the loading and unloading of the materials, and with a manhole for internal inspection. The machines are provided with close three-phase electric motors, which drive the cylinder via multi-stage V-belt speed reducers.

The productivity of the mill depends on the type and particle size distribution of the materials to be treated and, above all, on the grinding degree you wish to active.

All Ball Mills can be supplied with:

Metal bases: As an alternative to the classic brickwork base it is possible to mount the cylinders on metal support bases. Strongly-welded steel plating ensures both rigidity and strength.

Drive systems: For Smaller Ballmills Pulley and V-Belt Driven Ballmills and For Bigger Ballmills Gear Box, Pulley and V-Belts driven, Capacity of Motors are depends on the Load and Capacity of Ballmills.

Other Optional Equipments are Auxiliary Drive Unit and Frequency Inverters

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